Nature, volcano, land and sea

Capofaro terrace sea view

Capofaro was born out of the love that the Tasca d’Almerita family have for wine and sea, a spectacular estate found on the island of Salina, designed for friends, guests and travellers of taste, providing the best in Mediterranean hospitality. Capofaro is the truest expression of Salina, a locanda surrounded by rows of vines reaching the sea, producing Malvasia, the typical wine of the island.

This lighthouse is the first sign for those arriving by night from the Tyrrhenian Sea, it is the northernmost lighthouse in Sicily, an island lighthouse, with a double reach light compared to his coastal brothers. Luigi Salvatore d’Asburgo, an adventurous explorer of this corner of the Mediterranean dedicated beautiful pages of his travel diary to this lighthouse, which later provided the inspiration for the author Hugo Pratt in the creation of his comics Corto Maltese.

Capofaro sea overview
Capofaro vineyard

The position of the lighthouse, 100m away from the entrance of the Locanda allows guests to submerse themselves in an atmosphere of refined tranquillity and absolute relaxation.

Salina overview

Twenty-seven rooms in total, each unique yet all with their own private terrace with a sea or garden view.


The rooms are reigned over by the historic Anfiteatro vineyard, with its striking colours, seasonal changes and thrilling energy.

Room interior

The rooms, of which there are five different types, are all of the minimal Aeolian architectural design.