Beautiful beach

Coccaro Beach Club

Capitolo – Monopoli – Bari – Puglia

Unique in Puglia, among the best 10 beach Clubs of the Mediterranean. Exclusive restaurant and venue on the sea. Tradition & Comfort for an unforgettable. A long beautiful sandy beach, surrounded by secular dunes and beautiful sand gardens.

A beautiful lounge bar, Palms, soft linen tents, carpets and old lanterns all under a beautiful cover for bad weather. Professional service & Gourmet food by our chefs for a special day !

Swimming pool
Tent Room
Restaurant detail


History of Torre Coccaro

Torre Coccaro is a Masseria set in a vaste estate overlooking the sea dating back to XVI century.Surrounded by olive groves more than 800 years old, almond trees, carob trees, this tower used to be part of a line of defense of towers watching the invading Saracens, now has been restored in a 5 star country house.

Beautiful entrance

In the main courtyard there is the original chapel from 1730, still holding mass and used has a point of pilgrimage for the fishermen living in the little coastal village of Savelletri. Next to the courtyard we find the ortus conclusus a big vegetable garden surrounded by fortified walls that before used to be the place were they got the limestone to build the Masseria, you can walk under the columnade full of local grapes ripe in august and September and you can see the ingenious methods of irrigation made from old wells and channels using the gravity force.

Original 1730 chapel
Hotel overview 

On the terrace of the tower you find the old pigeon tower used for sending messages during the wars. In the huge caves there are the old olive mill and the sheep quarters dating back to the year 1000.