Rosapetra… a name that sings magic, nature and the traditions of Ampezzo…

Rosapetra entrance

The reflection and essence of the majestic beauty of the Dolomites, Rosapetra Spa Resort is the perfect welcome to Cortina d’Ampezzo, a gem dedicated to you, ready to provide a special welcome, inviting you to a superb moment, immersed in the wellness rituals of our spa, in perfect comfort and with an excellent dining experience open to each guest, in perfect harmony between relaxation and fun, nature and elegance, health and pleasure.

”When the air is clear and open, at dawn and dusk descends the unparalleled spell of the Dolomites; the imposing, rocky peaks of the Tofane, Mount Pomagagnon and Mount Crystal light up in a shade of pink that vibrates and stands out in the twilight of the valley. “Enrosadira” we say here in the Ladin language, which means “to become pink”; as if nature, at the height of its splendour, had been touched by a quiver and blushes with emotion.”

Dolomites overview

From the refined visions of design by Carlo Samarati, a Milanese interior designer who designed spaces, volumes and essences of the resort.


Every place and time spent here, radiating the passion and art of those who dreamed it, built it and who still run it each day for you, for the best welcoming to Ampezzo.

Our Ribes Suite reinvents the concept of comfort and cosy, furnished with wooden furniture, warm volumes decorated with delicate and harmonious relaxing colours.

Ribes suite

In this beautiful space, our high design tub awaits you, made entirely in ebony and located on the loft that dominates the room from above.

Suite design tub
Ribe suite interior

A warm and cosy mountain atmosphere where Ampezzo tradition and surprising textural effects coexist perfectly.