Kosenkaku’s commitment to fine cuisine begins with the selection of ingredients.

We carefully select each ingredient based on the season and its location of produce, in order to provide the finest dishes. We select ingredients not only from the local Arima region, but also from places throughout Hyogo Prefecture, including such places with abundant nature, such as Awajishima and Tajima.

The ingredients we procure are cooked by expert chefs and painstaking effort is made in the presentation of such dishes.


Kosenkaku’s master chef, Yasuhiro Morimoto was inaugurated as the President of the Hyogo Prefecture Cooking Association in July of 2017. He has served in key positions at renowned traditional Japanese restaurants, ryokans in the Kansai region,

and he joined Kosenkaku’s staff in 2007.

He has been in his current position since 2010. He has also jointly-published many books on the fundamental principles and techniques of Japanese cuisine.


Our carefully selected dishes enchant guests with

the changing colors of the seasons.

A Japanese spirit resides within the patterns, designs,

and colors of our dishes, which acts to further enhance

the beauty of each prepared dish.


Main Building, Annex Building, East Building Each guest room is unique and each of them was painstakingly designed and individually crafted at the time of the inn’s establishment. We want our guest rooms to be a space in which each guest can feel welcome to create some of their most pleasant memories. Each room acts as the foundation of our hospitality to our guests.

“While bathing, a private mini-garden can be viewed from all of our main building’s bathrooms. These rooms are suitable for a wide variety of uses including both family and group use.”

An Enhanced Sense of Peace and Comfort

“While bathing, a private mini-garden can be viewed from all of our main building’s bathrooms. These rooms are suitable for a wide variety of uses including both family and group use.”

The Hospitality of Blissful Silence

What is the purpose of your trip? Within the hectic pace of your daily life, we provide a place where pinned and strained nerves can loosen and be relaxed. At Kosenkaku, we hope to continue to provide guests with access to such a space. Amidst the otherworldly scenery you will encounter, you will find our high quality hot spring, and our famed cuisine. and our famed cuisine. We are prepared to receive you and those who are important to you as guests to our inn. We promise you a calm and peaceful holiday stay.

Two Hot Springs with Different Characteristics

“The Arima Onsen hot springs boasts more than 1,300 years of history and is one of Japan’s three oldest hot springs or “”kosen.” It is also one of Japan’s three most famed hot springs renowned for its water quality. Among Arima’s hot springs, Kosenkaku is one of the few ryokan (Japanese-style inn) that possesses its very own hot spring source. Thanks to this in-house hot spring source, the abundant supply of water allows for frequent replacement of the hot spring water to keep the water fresh.”

“Kinsen” (Golden Spring)

“The hot springs of Arima Onsen can be traced back to ancient times, and since antiquity, they were often referred to as the “”best host springs in the known world.”According to tradition, it is said that during the Nara period, Gyouki, a Japanese Buddhist priest, began to use the hot springs as a form of medical treatment.Visitors can find the two Kanji characters that combine to mean “”Miraculous Spring”” engraved into our Iwaburo bath.”

The Rustic Iwaburo Bath That Has Continued to Pour Fresh Hot Spring Water Since the Inn’s Establishment

“As an original hot spring with its very own hot spring source, our Iwaburo bath has not changed since its founding and it remains popular to this day.The tubs made of sculpted rock provide the bath with a dignified and refined atmosphere.Even today, fresh Kinsen hot spring water continues to pour into the Iwaburo bath from our bountiful hot spring source.”

The space fine view bath octagonal Buddhist temple which is culture in accord with trees

“Hakkakudo is hot spring bath that allows guests to enjoy a view of the garden with its changing colors of each season.Hakkakudo’s ceiling, pillars, and door frames are constructed entirely of Japanese Cypress wood, and the floor is made of black granite that is pleasant to the touch.From inside the entirely glass-walled bath,please enjoy our onsen while gazing at the forest that overflows with nature.”

July 2018